Frequently Asked Questions

Are Tillmans Tranquils CBD / D8 Gummies Sprayed or Infused?

Our CBD gummies & D8 gummies are both infused. Not sprayed. It's more expensive to make them this way, but it is the best way.
At this time they are not Kosher certified, but our ingredients will qualify when we get the certification.
Yes they are. We only use Vegan approved ingredients.

Delta 8 Edibles

Delta 8 edibles are different from Marijuana edibles based on what cannabinoid they are made with. Delta 9 is the common cannabinoid associated with Marijuana. Delta 8 is derived from hemp. Tillmans Tranquils offers two kinds of edibles. Delta 8 mints and delta 8 gummies.

Are Delta 8 Gummies for Sleep?

First and foremost, the following statements have not been evaluated by the FDA or any other governing body regarding Delta 8 gummies and their use in regards to sleep. Any customer use cases should be understood as strictly anecdotal and each customer use case is their own. Please consider this when evaluating Delta 8 gummies for sleep. We invite you to read the reviews of these Delta 8 gummies.
Absolutely not. Only natural Hemp derived extracts, from real hemp plants, grown in the ground with dirt, sun, air, and water.
No they do not. They are made with CBD Isolate which is 99% pure CBD. The real definition is ND THC which means non detected by 3rd party labs. However, it is common to refer this category as Zero THC, THC Free, No THC, but ND THC is the legal definition. We do have 0 THC mints, and our CBD gummies are also 0 thc.
We make several CBD products.
  • Full Spectrum CBD Mints - do contain THC, below the legal limit of 0.3%. Full spectrum hemp is the most raw natural form of hemp and can vary wildly in % of CBD, terpene profiles, and levels of cannabinoids from harvest to harvest.
  • ISOLATE CBD mints - do NOT contain THC. These are made with isolated cannabinoid powder - zero THC or known as Non Detected THC based on lab report.
  • CBD Gummies - all of our CBD gummies are made with isolate and do not contain THC as detected by lab report.
  • Do not confuse Delta 8 products with CBD products. They are different. Delta 8 is THC. All Delta 8 products contain Delta 8 THC.
The Hemp plant and Marijuana plant are very closely related. Smells and tastes are similar, except Hemp plants have lower THC content and higher CBD content while the Marijuana plant has higher THC content and lower CBD content.