Frequently Asked Questions

Are Tillmans Tranquils CBD / D8 Gummies Sprayed or Infused?

Our CBD gummies & D8 gummies are both infused. Not sprayed. It's more expensive to make them this way, but it is the best way.
At this time they are not Kosher certified, but our ingredients will qualify when we get the certification.
Yes they are. We only use Vegan approved ingredients.

Buying Hemp Flower

If you don't know how to buy hemp flower we cover how to understand the weights and what amount of flower to expect to receive in this guide. It is usually sold by the gram and then by the ounce. If you purchase large quantities you would be purchasing by the pound. Why would you buy hemp flower online vs buying hemp flower locally? At Tillmans Tranquils, we never overstock flower. We only buy hemp flower as needed. At a store you really don't know how long that flower has been sitting. We only pack flower when an order is placed from our mother storage bins which are moisture protected. We then heat seal all bags of flower to protect freshness and for discrete smell prevention.

Can You Smoke Hemp Buds?

Yes. Hemp flower is smokeable. You can light it with a lighter in a glass pipe, or a pre rolled joint just like you would marijuana. However, this is CBD hemp flower that will always contain less than 0.3% THC. We have a different hemp strains that are all smokeable in whichever method you choose to smoke it.

Delta 8 Edibles

Delta 8 edibles are different from Marijuana edibles based on what cannabinoid they are made with. Delta 9 is the common cannabinoid associated with Marijuana. Delta 8 is derived from hemp. Tillmans Tranquils offers two kinds of edibles. Delta 8 mints and delta 8 gummies.

Are Delta 8 Gummies for Sleep?

First and foremost, the following statements have not been evaluated by the FDA or any other governing body regarding Delta 8 gummies and their use in regards to sleep. Any customer use cases should be understood as strictly anecdotal and each customer use case is their own. Please consider this when evaluating Delta 8 gummies for sleep. We invite you to read the reviews of these Delta 8 gummies.

The Ingredients in our Delta 8 Gummies

Our delta 8 gummies are made with pectin so they are vegan safe. Our D8 gummies are also made with natural organic ingredients and are infused not sprayed. d8 gummies ingredients label

What Are My Delta 8 Mint Options?

At Tillmans Tranquils we have a several Delta 8 mint options. There are 6 flavor options and each flavor offers the ability to purchase 1 pack or a full box of 10 packs. Butterscotch Delta 8 Mints - 1 pack, 10 Packs Box Cinnamon Delta 8 Mints - 1 Pack, 10 Packs Box Lemon Lime Delta 8 Mints - 1 Pack, 10 Packs Box Peppermint Delta 8 Mints - 1 Pack, 10 Packs Box Strawberry Delta 8 Mints - 1 Pack, 10 Packs Box Watermelon Delta 8 Mints - 1 Pack, 10 Packs Box
Yes we have 6 flavors of Delta 8 mints, but we also have delta 8 infused flower as well. Our flower is infused with Delta 8 cannabinoids as well as terpenes.