Tillmans Tranquils Product Reviews

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Why Tillmans Tranquils Mints?

COLD MIX PROCESS – We utilize a COLD MIX PROCESS and make Tillmans Tranquils mints without the use of heat. This means 100% of the CBD integrity is preserved. Unlike some other CBD edibles.

OUTER CANDY SHELL – Our outer shell protects the CBD for longer shelf life as well from protecting the active ingredient from heat and light.

FAST ACTING – absorbing supplements view the salivary glands is faster than if you swallow due to having to travel through the digestive system. Salivary absorption bypasses this process. The combination of ingredients in each mint causes an increase in salivary activity which helps the mint dissolve and facilitates CBD absorption.

We Focus On Quality That You Can Taste

Made in our own factory we focus on crafting the highest quality products we can with the best ingredients.