CBG Flower – Biscotti – 13.1% CBGa

CBG Hemp Flower Biscotti Strain

This hemp flower is grown indoors and the Biscotti CBG Hemp flower is high in CBGa cannabinoids. Once CBGa is heated it is activated and turns into CBG.

CBG is a good choice for customers who require all the effects CBG provides, but need the least amount of THC as possible or those that simply do want any THC in their system. CBG flower has almost zero THC. CBG is an isolated cannabinoid that contains less than 1% THC. CBG is NON-Psychoactive. All other CBD products will contain less than 0.3% THC, but CBG flower will have NEAR ZERO THC.

Our CBG Biscotti hemp flower is hand weighed and packaged. Once in its food grade package, it is heat sealed to preserve freshness.

What’s Inside?

Hemp Strain Info: High in CBGa
Aroma: The aroma of CBG flower is not like other traditional hemp or marijuana aromas. The aroma of CBG is more like a tea or hops.
Taste: Mild
Total cannabinoids: 13.26%
Feels: Zero head high, effects will vary depending on person.

What is CBG Hemp?

CBG is the mother of all Cannabinoids. This is where all other cannabinoids are grown from. CBG in its first form will contain no other cannabinoids unless it is blended known as Cannabigerol and is the no THC also option better known as non-detected by lab report. Also check out our CBG mints.

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