CBG Gummies (Cannabigerol) 750mg – Anytime Formula

CBG Gummies (Cannabigerol) – Tillmans Tranquils

Our CBG gummies come in 30 count bottles. Each bottle is filled with gummies of assorted flavors contained 25mg of isolated CBG. We also have CBG:CBD Mints, which are infused with CBG, but also CBD for a powerful combination of cannabinoids.

What’s Inside Our CBG Gummies?

Our CBG gummies are made with Non-GMO, Organic ingredients. These CBG Gummies are also vegan safe as well are gluten free.

  • 25mg of CBG per gummy
  • Effects of CBG: Non-Psychoactive
  • Assorted fruit flavors
  • Vegan – No animal gelatin used
  • Gluten Free, No HFCS, Made with organic ingredients
  • Natural colors and Flavors
  • ND THC (The correct and legal way to refer to 0 THC is the term ND THC. This stands for Non-Detectable THC)

What Do They Taste Like?

Assorted fruit flavors, so each gummy tastes different from the next.

What Is CBG?

FAQ: What is CBG?