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Tillmans Tranquils CBD Mints – All Natural, Gluten Free

Our Mints Are Infused With CBD Extracts

Tillmans Tranquils offers 6 different kinds of cbd mints. Made with all natural ingredients, we offer two different broad spectrum cbd mints in two flavors: Peppermint & Cinnamon. In addition, we have have a CBN mint (mint chocolate) designed for sleep, as well as a CBG mint (orange flavor) created for relief.

Tillmans Tranquils also has two THC mint options. The first is a blend of CBD to THC at a ratio of 10:1 in a peppermint. Moreover, the other THC mint option is a cherry mint with a ratio of 5:1 CBD to THC.

Although there are a few other CBD mint manufacturers out there, nobody else makes CBD mints like ours. We manufacture high quality, hand crafted CBD mints without the use of nefarious ingredients. Many cbd mints are made into a powdered pressed tablet with limited flavor and less effective ingredients. Not ours. We infuse our mints with hemp extracts like CBD, delta 8, delta 9, CBN, CBG, and other cannabinoids without the use of flow agents and use delicious natural flavors to mask the hempy taste. Our mints are crafted in small batches and individually cut from a cold rolled dough.

Tillman’s CBD Mints Are Made With Natural Ingredients

Aside from being made with quality ingredients, our cbd mints are Non-GMO, Gluten-Free, & vegan. We do not use high fructose corn syrup and no Sucralose are used in our mix.

Zero THC Mint Options

  • 25mg Peppermint Broad Spectrum CBD Mints - These mints are made with 25mg of broad spectrum cbd (zero thc) and flavored with natural peppermint oil.
  • 25mg Cinnamon Broad Spectrum CBD Mints - These mints are infused with 25mg of broad spectrum cbd (zero thc) and flavored with natural cinnamon oil.
  • CBG / CBD Ratio Relief CBD Mints - Orange Flavor
  • CBN / CBD Ratio Sleep CBD Mints - Mint Chocolate Flavor - These sleep mints highlight the use of CBN and CBD to promote a better nights sleep.

THC Mint Options: CBD + Delta 9 THC Mints

New for 2022, we have added two infused ratio hemp derived delta 9 THC mints that also include CBD. These two mint varieties are considered full spectrum CBD mints as any full spectrum CBD product will have THC to some level within the 0-0.30%. Our THC infused mints are infused with natural ingredients and flavors.
  • Perfect Dose 10:1 Peppermint Ratio CBD/THC mints
  • Perfect Dose 2:1 Cinnamon Ratio CBD/THC mints
Broad Spectrum CBD
We make our CBD mints infused with broad spectrum CBD and believe they are the most convenient and best tasting way to top up your CBD levels anywhere throughout the day while on the go. What is broad spectrum cbd? Broad spectrum CBD contains more than just the CBD cannabinoid. Broad spectrum may contain in addition to CBD, CBG, CBDa, CBC, CBN, or even CBDv.
What Makes Tillman's Tranquils Mints Different?
Not only are Tillman's mints great tasting, but there are some structural benefits to our mints over others on the market. We use a cold mixing process to create our inner core with no heat added. Why is a "no heat" process important? Because heat will decrease the potency of the CBD as well as other active cannabinoids and its longevity reducing shelf life and potency. We then take our formulated mix and sheet it out and cut each mint individually in our custom machines in small batches so that quality is maintained at every level.Our second step is that we pan coat our mints in a semi-hard shell (you can easily bite right through if you want). The benefits of the shell are that it protects the active ingredients inside the mints from heat and light. This coating preserves the mint considerably longer than pressed tablet style mints that have no coating and are exposed to the elements. This allows them to not only taste better, but protects all active ingredients inside from deteriorating. Meaning you can take your Tillman's Mints anywhere and not worry about the potency decreasing.

It is very simple. Rip the top off your resealable pack of mints, and taste one.

Most people start with 1 CBD mint to gauge the effects of the CBD ingredients. If 1 is too little have another one. Each broad spectrum CBD mint has 25mg of CBD with other minor cannabinoids. All of our zero thc CBD mints do not contain thc according to lab reports.

If you have purchased our Delta 8 mints, then you want to be a lot more careful in your dosage as Delta 8 has stronger effects. It is strongly suggested to start with 1 mint, some people actually break the mint if you have a very low tolerance.

We also encourage you to read our product reviews and see how other customers have utilized the variety of mint products we offer.

No - IF your consume one of our ND THC CBD Mints as there is no THC detected by 3rd party independent lab reports in any of those 4 cbd mint options. Just look for the Zero THC tag on the pack.

Yes - IF you consume a Perfect Dose THC & CBD Mint as it does have delta 9 thc in them. If you are concerned about taking a drug test for work or elsewhere, then the Perfect Dose THC/CBD Mints will create a positive for THC.

No - Our mints are considered low sugar at 1gram of sugar per mint. We cut our sugar content with 2 natural alternatives to sugar, erythritol and stevia.

Although we've had customers say they have used our CBD mints for a variety of reasons, we cannot recommend the use of CBD for anything specifically. We strongly recommend asking your doctor if you should try consuming CBD mints for anxiety.

Although we've had customers say they have used our CBN mints for sleep, we cannot specifically recommend them to any customer directly. We encourage you to ask your doctor or specialist to see if our CBN Sleep Mints are useful for sleep.

Although we can't make this type of recommendation directly, we encourage customers to read our verified customer reviews as well as consulting your doctor or physician to see if they recommend CBD mints for pain.

They are neither. The terpenes are removed during the extraction process. We utilize a custom blended broad spectrum mix in our zero thc CBD mints. We tweak the formula for our CBG mints and CBN mints to achieve the desired effects.

Like cannabis, CBD can promote a sense of ease or relaxation. Different levels of different cannabinoids combined, create what is called the entourage effect. These mixtures depending on the amounts of individual cannabinoids can promote a particular desired effect.

Our CBD Mints are best absorbed when you let them dissolve in your mouth. This process will absorb all the ingredients through the salivary glands. Roughly 20 minutes depending on a person's weight. If you eat our cbd mints they will travel through the digestive system and that has a longer time for the effect to kick in. In addition, some of the potential effects will be lost through this process. Roughly 30-40 minutes depending on a person's weight.

All of our mint products are vegan safe. In addition all of our products on our website.. including gummies & syrups are vegan as well.

These are some of the most popular cbd mints brands availble to purchase online. We are confident that we have the best cbd mints so much that we wanted to list the other brands available for you to compare.

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