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Delta 8 Edibles & Smokeable Products

Delta 8 THC products are becoming very popular and in high demand for those seeking its lighter effects that land somewhere between CBD and Delta 9. Delta 8 is derived from the Hemp plant – CBD more specifically. Some of our most popular delta 8 edibles are our Delta 8 Mints and Delta 8 Gummies.

Delta 8 Mints

We take our handcrafted mints and infuse them with delta-8 distillate making the best delta 8 mints around. We continued making them with all natural ingredients, they are gluten free, vegan/vegetarian friendly, and never have high fructose corn syrup.

What is a Delta 8 Drop? A Candy Edible

Essentially we use our core mint dough with a candy flavoring to produce a delicious candy like delta 8 edible. We leave out the minty flavoring and sweeten it with flavors such as butterscotch, & lemon lime.

Delta 8 Product Questions

Yes you can fly with Delta 8 as long as your departure state and arrival state legally allow Delta 8 THC. Many people travel with Delta 8 with only their departure state being legal as when disembarking a plane you are rarely searched. In addition if caught with delta 8, you are most likely going to have to throw it out.

The onset of delta 8 thc effects really differs for each person due to tolerance, weight, genetics, etc.

Edibles in general have a longer ramp time for their effects to take hold and will stay with you longer. Delta 8 edibles, especially our mints and candy drops are low dose, which make for a perfect effects arc of not too short, but not too long either.

We can't say delta 8 thc helps for sleep, but our customers have left verified reviews that claim it has helped them.

Delta 8 Gummies Sleep Reviews

  • "Fantastic for relaxing and sleeping - Fantastic for relaxing and sleepingThese gummies taste great, are VGF, help me relax and sleep well. Also knocks out any pain from exercise. Highly recommend, haha."
  • Perfect sleep - Perfect sleepBefore I discovered Tillman I was tortured with sleepless nights. Now I sleep like a baby!!!
  • Sleeping through the night - Sleeping through the nightThese completely delivered as a sleep remedy. I have been sleeping through the night undisturbed. Incredible product.

Delta 8 Mints Sleep Reviews

  • Insomniac Approved! - Insomniac Approved! These are the Best! I keep them on my nightstand- Guaranteed Great Night Sleep and they taste great too :)

Everyone is different. In the beginning of your wellness journey, experimentation is required.

Some of our customers require less than 1 serving of a mint or gummy, and some customers require 2 whole servings. Everyone is different.

The FDA has not approved Delta 8 for pain relief or any other remedy. Only a doctor can make this recommendation for pain relief.

We use all natural non-gmo ingredients, and both our gummies and mints are gluten free. Our edibles do not contain high fructose corn syrup. Our delta 8 gummies are made with organic ingredients and natural colors & flavors.

Yes. Delta 8 thc is a thc molecule, so if your drug test is testing for thc, you will test positive.