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10mg Delta 8 THC mints

These are our Delta 8 THC mints. Each mint has 10mg of Delta 8 infused inside. If you don’t understand what Delta-8 is, it’s an isomer of CBD hemp. You can learn more about Delta 8 and its effects here.

How we make our D8 THC Mints

We take Delta 8 oil and infuse it into our core mint product. We offer our Delta 8 mints in several flavors including Peppermint (Sin Mint), Cinnamon, Watermelon, Strawberry, as well as two sweet flavors we call candy dropsButterscotch & Lemon Lime.

Delta 8 Mints

The serving size is 1 mint or candy drop. However, everyone is different and tolerance levels vary. Some customers require more than 1.

No medical card is required for these delta 8 mints or other delta 8 products.

The answer is yes if you live in a legal state.

We cannot ship delta 8 gummies to the following states:
Alaska, Arizona, Arkansas, Colorado, Delaware, Idaho, Iowa, Mississippi, Montana, Nebraska, Rhode Island, South Dakota, Utah

Yes. Delta 8 THC is federally legal. We produce products that conform to the structures laid out in the 2018 Farm Bill.

However, some US states have banned delta 8 thc, and our system will not allow delta 8 mints to be shipped to those states.