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CBD to THC Ratio – How It Impacts Your Experience

What is a CBD-to-THC Ratio and How Does This Impact Your Hemp Experience? With over 100 cannabinoids identified in the hemp plant, there are two that get the most attention: Cannabidiol (CBD) and Tetrahydrocannabinol (Delta 9 THC).  These two cannabinoids reign supreme for a couple of reasons, but mainly because of their dominance in their […]

CBD or CBG or CBN – Which One Works For Me?

CBD vs. CBG vs. CBN: How Does Each Cannabinoid Affect You? Within the flowering buds of the hemp plant, you will find over 100 distinctive compounds known as cannabinoids, which have a vital role in the potential benefits associated with cannabis.  There are three cannabinoids in particular that appeal to those seeking out these benefits […]

Will CBD Get You High?

Mellow Without The Munchies: Will CBD Get You High? Despite CBD’s mainstream stature—or perhaps because of it—there’s a lot of misinformation surrounding its effects. Perhaps the biggest misconception people have about CBD is that it makes users feel “high.” Unfortunately, some curious customers put off trying CBD out of fear of these supposed psychoactive effects. […]

What is a Hemp CBD Pre Roll?

Now that hemp is legal in all 50 states (with less than 0.3% thc by dry weight), many people are turning to hemp for it’s alternative use benefits.   One of its main ingredients is cannabidiol (CBD), which produces feelings of well-being without the “high” of marijuana. A variety of products, including capsules and gummies, […]