Joints vs Blunts In Regards to Smoking Hemp

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With Hemp Flower There Are Smoking Options – Joints vs Blunts

The Cannabis world has its own little subculture, with its own slang and its own language that can be a little bit difficult to crack the code if you aren’t already on the inside.

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For most people outside of the cannabis/hemp world, a blunt and a joint are pretty much interchangeable terms for basically the exact same thing – a bit of hemp rolled up in a format so that it can be smoked.

At the same time, though, those on the inside of the cannabis subculture understand that there’s a world of difference between a blunt and joint. That’s why we’ve put together this quick guide.
If you want to know the differences between a blunt and a joint, want to better understand the pros and cons of blunt vs joint options, and are looking for a little bit more inside information that peels the curtain back a bit on the hemp subculture you’ll want to check out all the info we highlight below.

What Exactly is a Blunt, Anyway?

A blunt is pretty standard in the cannabis world, when it comes to sharing with friends. It is essentially a DIY Marijuana or Hemp cigarette that is created with tobacco paper or a cigar wrapper that has been cleaned out completely of tobacco and then re-rolled with marijuana or hemp inside. More often than not a cigar wrapper is used and this makes a really large – fat – joint with a light tobacco taste.

The overwhelming majority of people that like to smoke blunts learn how to roll these kinds of papers by hand, purchasing cigars (usually cheap cigars) to slice them open and empty them out before filling them with marijuana and then rolling them back up again to smoke. Sometimes they even use banana leaves.

At the same time, though, there are some commercial enterprises out there that offer machine rolled blunts that use the same “raw materials,” such as Hemp CBD flower, that cigar companies use for their wrappers to produce an almost identical result. Unsurprisingly, though, machine role blunts are a little more consistent, tighter, and more expensive than what you can get with a DIY approach.

Blunts can really run the gamut when it comes to size, but because they are almost always used with the wrapper and the paper that cigars take advantage of they are nearly universally longer and thicker than your typical joint. Blunts definitely allow for “over packing” in a way that joints don’t, letting you build some pretty big blunts without a lot of headache or hassle.
Lastly, the flavor of a blunt is going to be heavily influenced by the specific type of cigar wrapper use. At the very least, you’re going to get some tobacco flavors with a blunt that used to have cigar tobacco inside.

What Exactly is a Joint, Anyway?

If a blunt looks like a hemp cigar than a joint is going to look like a hemp cigarette – a pretty simple, straightforward, and elegant little solution designed for folks that want to smoke some cbd hemp flower without a lot of headache or hassle.
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Joints are almost universally made from cigarette rolling paper (thin, white, almost waxy paper) but they can be made from other sources like, you guessed it, MORE HEMP. Hemp papers are probably the number one paper choice when it comes to hemp pre rolls. The overwhelming majority of these papers are about 3 inches in length and when you get finished rolling a joint they are usually about the size of a typical cigarette.
Joints will taper back from one end to the other with an ideal roll (though the taper should be subtle) and can take a little bit of time to practice rolling joints that burn evenly and our pleasure to smoke.

At the end of the day, there really isn’t a lot of competition as far as blunt vs joint options are concerned. They both are great delivery mechanisms for marijuana or CBD flower, when utilizing loose flower or grounded up flower. Did you know that raw hemp flower is of the Full spectrum variety? If you don’t understand the differences between full spectrum and broad spectrum or even isolated CBD, we created this guide for you.


Blunts, Joints, Spliffs: What’s The Difference?

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