12 Hemp Strains High in CBD

Here Are 12 Hemp Strains Containing High Percentages of CBD

It’s no secret that hemp flower has become the latest sweetheart of the CBD scene. Since Congress passed the Farm Bill, breeders haven’t ceased to impress us with innovative new hemp hybrids. Let’s take a glimpse at some of the best high-CBD hemp strains available today. If you don’t understand how hemp is weighed or priced, please read this article to learn more.

Bubba Kush

Bubba Kush makes the perfect CBD strain when you just want to kick back and let life pass by. The strain’s relaxing effects are so pronounced that Bubba Kush has earned the nickname of “Indica Queen.” Bubba Kush has a moderate CBD content, which averages around 15%.

Oregon breeders produced Bubba Kush by combining a high-CBD hybrid with a classic pre-98 Kush strain. The result reminds consumers of the flavors and smell of an early OG Kush variety. Bubba Kush hemp flowers emit a pungent skunk aroma with hints of pine. The taste can get rather complex, depending on the individual batch of flowers. Some consumers report sweet mint, chocolate, and spiced-coffee flavors when smoking Bubba Kush.

Purple Gelato CBD

Cookie Fam Genetics have outdone themselves with this high-CBD version of their popular cannabis strain. With its sweet, almost creamy flavor, Blueberry Gelato makes the ideal strain for a sunny summer afternoon or weekend getaway. 

Indica-dominant Blueberry Gelato combines California’s Thin Mint Girl Scout Cookies with Sunset Sherbert and an unknown CBD variety. The resulting hybrid is a delicious fruity strain with pronounced “chill-out” effects.

Blueberry Gelato hemp flowers yield compact nugs with a mixture of green and violet hues. Gelato buds are often so trichome rich that they appear to have been frosted with cake icing. The strain’s candied berry flavor and citrus fruit aroma make Blueberry Gelato a favorite strain for smoking, vaping, or making CBD concentrates.


Lifter’s calming and euphoric effects drift over you like a refreshing spring breeze. One of the earliest smokable hemp flower strains, Lifter has become popular for its ability to elevate the mood, improve concentration, and soothe aches and pains without producing drowsiness. 

Veteran breeders, Oregon CBD, created sativa-dominant Lifter by crossing Early Resin Berry (ERB) with Suver Haze. They were so impressed with the results that they named the hybrid after the famous heirloom tomato strain, Mortgage Lifter.

Lifter’s compact pale-green buds dazzle with brilliant peach pistils and a thick dusting of terpene-rich crystals. The strain’s flavor is sweet and herbal with hints of berry and citrus. Lifter’s fragrance delights the senses with a gourmet cheese aroma punctuated by classic diesel notes.

Sour Space Candy

Another sativa-dominant daytime strain, Sour Space Candy combines strong, energetic effects with sweet-tart flavors to recreate the happy feelings of youth. Sour Space Candy hemp flowers work better than coffee with uplifting effects that elevate the mood without crashing you to the ground. The strain’s CBD content ranges between 15-20%.

Sour Space Candy flowers bloom in cheerful yellow and green hues with bright copper pistils. The fragrance and taste of Sour Space Candy will take you right back to the Saturday cartoon days with sweet, fruity, and sour aromas and flavors. Sour Space Candy has one of the most complex terpene profiles of any hemp hybrid. You may want to enjoy this strain with a dry-herb vaporizer to fully appreciate the subtleties.

Micropine Haze

Micropine Haze is a remarkably refreshing hemp hybrid with exceptionally high levels of pinene terpenes. One of the rarer hemp strains, Micropine Haze stuns the senses with its potent herbal taste and aroma. Dry-herb vaping or smoking Micropene Haze reveals a multifaceted blend of rosemary, dill, parsley, and pine.

Like most Haze strains, Micropine Haze shows its sativa genetics through its energizing effects that ignite the imagination. Micropine Haze makes an excellent choice for daytime productivity or creative work. Micropine Haze delivers a nice balance of uplifting and calming effects with a 60:40 indica-to-sativa ratio and a high-CBD content of between 17-22%.

Wedding Cake

Are you nervous about that big day? You won’t be after partaking of indica-dominant Wedding Cake hemp flowers. Wedding Cake contains a nice, mellow amount of around 12% CBD, which will have those racing thoughts running for cover so you can get a good night’s rest. MMJ physicians like to recommend Wedding Cake to help with the symptoms of depression, anxiety, or chronic pain.

Wedding Cake CBD is renowned for the extraordinary veil of lacy trichomes that coats its fresh green buds. The sweet flavor and refreshing vanilla aroma make Wedding Cake a delicious choice for topping off an evening meal. 

Sour Tsunami

Created by legendary Humboldt County breeder Lawrence Ringo, Sour Tsunami offers deep physical and mental relaxation. Sativa-dominant Sour Tsunami has a balanced 60:40 sativa-to-indica ratio, making it perfect for relieving anxiety and muscle aches during the workday. Sour Tsunami’s CBD levels range around 10-12%, which makes the strain an excellent choice for beginners or people who want a lighter dose of cannabidiol.

Sour Tsunami’s frosty green hemp flowers impart a musky herbal flavor. The strain’s thick trichome layer contains a high concentration of pinene, limonene, and humulene, which gives the buds a distinct citrus aroma with strong hints of fresh pine and mint.

Sunshine Haze

Whether you’re enjoying it from a lazy day in a hammock or a laid-back beach party, Sunshine Haze is sure to fill you with good vibes. You can’t help but get into a pleasant mood when you open the bag and take a whiff of Sunshine Haze’s sweet lemon-lime aroma.

Sunshine Haze descended from the original Citrus Sunshine Haze hybrid by Cereal Killer Genetics. The hemp version crosses Super Lemon Haze, Kosher Tangie #2, and a potent high-CBD hemp strain to create a slightly sativa-dominant hybrid. 

Even the colors of Sunshine Haze remind consumers of citrus fruit with its colorful mix of bright yellow, orange, and green hues. The strain’s combination of sativa-dominance and an almost 20% CBD-content may make you want to pack some Sunshine Haze pre-rolls and head to the coast.

Casino Cookies

Cookie Fam Genetics lays down another royal flush with their latest high-CBD hemp flower hybrid. Casino Cookies is a sativa-dominant strain that imparts such upbeat effects that it may just leave you feeling lucky. And with CBD levels that reach up to 20%, you’ll surely think you’ve hit the jackpot.

Cookie Fam went all-in on a cross between AF4 and Wookies and came out with dense little nuggets with trichomes as glittery as the lights of Las Vegas.

Casino Cookies has a 60:40 sativa-to-indica ratio, so you’ll have pretty good odds of having a fabulous time. Why not take a chance? Pick up some Casino Cookies pre-rolls and hit the strip.

Sour Diesel CBD

Sour Diesel is one of the classic strains that exemplifies the word “dank” in traditional cannabis culture. Sour D’s breeders did not disappoint with their CBD version produced by crossing Chemdog 91 with Super Skunk. The result is a sativa-dominant, ultra-High CBD hybrid that energizes and imparts a playful sense of calm. Sour D’s CBD content can reach up to 25%, making it an ideal choice for therapeutic uses.

Sour Diesel’s buds delight with hues ranging from light leaf-green to deep emerald. Bright copper pistils poke from the generous layer of sparkling trichomes. Sour Diesel CBD combines the earthy flavor of pure hemp with strong lemon and orange overtones. The strain has an unmistakeable diesel aroma with skunky citrus notes.

Honolulu Haze

Another delectable Haze variety, Honolulu Haze is the kind of hemp flower that will make you want to hang out with friends or simply contemplate the good things in life.

The effects of Hawaiian Haze wash over you like a ray of sunshine until your whole body feels calm and peaceful.

Honolulu Haze hemp flower combines genetics between Hawaiian Haze and AF6, giving the strain a slight sativa-dominance and a noticeable pineapple aroma. The strain’s tropical fruit flavors and 20% CBD content will fill you with aloha and even make you finally book that trip to Waikiki.

If you would like to try hemp flowers or keep up with the latest strains, check back with us at Tillman’s Tranquils. We’re always adding new hemp hybrids to our collection.

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