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CBD or CBG or CBN – Which One Works For Me?

CBD vs. CBG vs. CBN: How Does Each Cannabinoid Affect You? Within the flowering buds of the hemp plant, you will find over 100 distinctive compounds known as cannabinoids, which have a vital role in the potential benefits associated with cannabis.  There are three cannabinoids in particular that appeal to those seeking out these benefits […]

Welcome to Delta 9 Gummies 101: You’re Next Euphorically High Edible!

Did you know that delta 9 THC is the most sought-after cannabinoid of all-time?  Well, now you do, as this is all thanks to its dreamy psychoactive properties that can help people feel anything from relaxed to euphoric.  And, with the success of the medical marijuana market in the United States, we know that THC […]

Which Tillmans Tranquils CBD Mints Should I Choose?

cinnamon cbd mints

Tillmans Tranquils offers an exciting selection of CBD Mints, providing an exhilarating alternative to the much more ubiquitous gummies that are popular on the edibles market.  CBD mints bring about their own unique conveniences, since mint itself has many natural properties.    We’ve put a lot of effort into crafting a variety of mint formulas […]

Gummies – Flavor Infused or Terpene Strain Infused Explained

pumpkin spice d9 terpene infused gummies

Delta 9 Gummy Options: Flavor-Infused vs. Strain-Infused Gummies No doubt, delta 9 gummies are a big deal right now.  They’re derived from hemp, and happen to be completely legal, all while delivering the lauded effects and benefits associated with the cannabinoid.  For thousands of years, people around the world have enjoyed delta 9 THC, mostly […]

Sublingual and Buccal Absorption For Cannabis Consumption

What is the best way to consume cannabis products? How you choose to consume cannabis products matters a lot. In fact, your overall cannabis experience hangs on the route of administration. While cannabis products are available as edibles, tinctures, capsules, oils, topicals, and vapes, it is important to know that no two cannabis products are […]