10 Reasons to Try a Disposable Vape

tropicana cookies disposable vape (3g)

10 Reasons to Try a Disposable Vape – 3g THCp

Disposable vapes have become a mainstay of the hemp industry, and Tillmans Tranquils is excited to introduce our own take on this technology with high-end THCp Disposables, These remarkable disposable vapes are available in your choice of three well-known strains – each with their own unique effects.  We put a lot of work into developing our disposable vape, because we wanted it to be reliable on the hem-based technological front, all while ensuring that it has the most exquisite blend of cannabinoid and terpene extracts possible for maximum satisfaction.  

What are Tillmans Tranquils THCp Disposable Vapes?

Our 3g THCp Disposable Vapes offer up an immaculate blend of Delta 8 THC, Delta 9 THCp (Tetrahydrocannabiphorol), and terpenes (derived in the form of freshly extracted live resin).  The result: a dreamy high that comes complete with the terpene profiles of some of the best-loved strains in the world.  Meanwhile, because it’s a disposable device, you will be able to savor this blissful blend of hemp compounds at an easier pace than ever before.

Why Should You Try These THCp Disposables?

If you’re wondering what sets these disposables apart and makes them so unique, we’ve got you covered.  Rather than go on and on and on, here are some outstanding reasons why you’ll want to get your THCp vape on.

#Reason 1: 3 Must-Try Strains 

Naturally, the strain is a big part of your vaping experience.  This impacts those specific effects for which you feel, and also the flavor of the vape, of course.  Selecting a strain is just as exciting as choosing the cannabinoids themselves.  Especially, when live resin is involved (more on that later).  Our disposable comes in a few amazing strains, so that you can really customize the high to suit your needs.

  • Banana Runtz: A 50/50 hybrid with the flavor of sweet bananas, offering a feeling of euphoric energy along with a super relaxing body high.
  • Northern Lights: An iconic indica with a sweet, earthy, and citrusy flavor, that can provide a feeling of deep bliss along with a heavy body high.
  • Tropicana Cookies: This sativa-heavy hybrid renowned for its taste of citrusy cookies, supplying an uplifting high that can make you feel creative, sociable, and euphoric.

Reason #2: Made with Live Resin

We put live resin into our disposable vape formula, and that’s going to make a huge difference in how satisfied you feel.  Live resin is a type of cannabis extract that comes from fresh, flash-frozen flower buds rather than dry-cured.  Dry-curing is a process used for selling flower, to preserve it in a way that prevents mold growth.  But, in the process, it also damages the trichomes that contain all of those beneficial plant compounds, which is why live resin exists.  Live resin is more potent and flavorful, since its concentration of cannabinoids and terpenes is noticeably higher.  Our live resin vapes are going to give you fresher, richer, and more complex flavor, along with more powerful effects with each and every puff.

Reason #3: Delta 8 + Delta 9 THCp

We use a unique blend of two cannabinoids, both in distillate form:  

  • Delta 8 THC is a cannabinoid that’s a bit milder than Delta 9 THC, and it’s known for being super relaxing, making it a great choice for those times when you want to mellow out for a few hours.  
  • Delta 9 THCp is a deeply euphoric cannabinoid that’s significantly more potent than Delta 9, and so, can ease away your stress and worries while making your body feel soothed all over.

Reason #4: Pre-Heat Technology

We use pre-heat technology in our disposables in order to keep your device operating smoothly.  High-potency vape oils can crystallize and clog, and we’ve solved that potential problem by developing a device that heats the vape oil before you pull on the mouthpiece.  

Reason #5: Ceramic Heating 

We employ a ceramic coil to act as the heating element through which the vape oil passes and turns into vapor.  Ceramic plays a major role in aspects that are crucial to vaping satisfaction, like flavor, vapor output, and the overall reliability of your device.  Cheaper coils can end up burning out before you’re through with the vape oil, or imparting a burnt taste that makes your puffs straight-up unpleasant.  

Reason #6: 3 Grams Per Vape

Each disposable contains 3 grams of vape oil – you will really get your money’s worth.  The average disposable contains a third of that amount, so you can look forward to enjoying each disposable for a long time before you need to throw it out and replace it.  With our ceramic coil and advanced battery, you can be sure that every drop of vape oil satisfies you through to the end.  Our device comes with an integrated rechargeable battery.  This powerful battery allows vapers to get through all of that vape oil without missing out on quality toward the end.

Reason #7: Lab-Tested for Quality Assurance 

We have each batch of our vape oil tested by a third-party laboratory, and that keeps our quality levels in check.  This process ensures that our vape oil is pure, potent, legally compliant, and safe.  You can find the lab reports on our website, which give you the complete breakdown of all of that important info, so that you can see for yourself that you’re getting the cream of the crop as far as quality is concerned. 

Reason #8: Low-Maintenance

Disposable vapes are great for people who want a low-maintenance approach to their hemp routines.  They require no setup – you don’t need to press any buttons – and they don’t need to be cleaned or refilled at any time.  The most you have to do is recharge the battery once in a while, which is done simply through the USB port.  This means you don’t need to manually remove the battery to get to a full charge.  And, since it’s a USB-C charge port, it’ll charge quickly so you can get right back to vaping in no time.

Reason #9: Pocket-Friendly and Travel-Friendly

This device is super pocket-friendly, which means you won’t have a hard time traveling with it throughout the day.  Just slip it into your pocket or bag compartment, and you’re all set for enjoying this wonderful, on-demand cannabinoid and terpene blend.

Reason #10: Ready to Enjoy Out of the Package 

One of the best things about disposable vapes is that they’re ready to enjoy right out of the package.  As soon as you open the box, you can go ahead and get started.  You don’t need to be experienced in vaping technology in order to adjust voltages or wattages, or install coils – just pull on the mouthpiece, and you’re good to go!

Experience the True Magnificence of Vaping THCp Today!

At Tillmans Tranquils, we’ve developed a disposable vape that we truly believe knocks every other disposable vape out of the park.  With a duo of top-rated cannabinoids, and tasty live resin in 3 great strains, you really can’t go wrong.  Currently, our high quality disposable vapes are only available from our online store and our vetted partners.  We also ship our vapes to you directly.  You don’t have to go out to receive one.  Our vapes will be delivered within a few days anywhere in the good ol’ USA.  No doubt, this is THCp vaping at its finest.