What Amount of THC Is In CBD Hemp Joints?

If you enjoy smoking CBD joints (one of the most effective ways to get CBD into your body and your bloodstream quickly) the odds are pretty good that you’ve wondered at least a couple of times whether or not there is any THC in that joint – and if there is, just how much (on average) are you ingesting.

While there are a lot of different moving parts that determine how much THC makes it into a CBD joint we’ve done our level best to give you a ballpark idea with the inside information we share below. Different variables will impact the amount of THC that makes it into your CBD joint (and the amount of THC that later makes it into your body from that joint) and we break down all of that info as well.

How Much THC is in a CBD Joint?

In the United States, CBD products have to contain no more than 0.3% THC to be legally available to consumers.

This is great news for those that are nervous about using CBD products that may have upcoming drug tests they do not want to pop positive for – it means there isn’t going to be much (if any) THC in your traditional commercially available CBD products.

At the same time, because CBD products are classified as supplements they are not subject to the same kind of regulatory controls or oversight that other products are. This means that some less than reputable manufacturers or producers of CBD products can include more marijuana elements in their products compared to hemp (which is almost completely THC free) – and that’s where you start to get into trouble.

Lab Reports

Check the lab reports! This is how you know exactly how much CBD is in the CBD hemp flower joint you are concerned about.
Ok, but where do you look on the lab report to know? Well lets look at our lab report to see.

The formula used to calculate Total THC is: (THCa * 0.877)+(D9THC)+(D8THC)

The D9-THC says ND or Non Detected, this you mark at 0
The D8-THC says ND or Non Detected, this you mark at 0

THCa says 0.302%

The Sour Space Flower Lab Report

Why the 0.8777? It has to do with molecular weight of the THC molecule.

So in this calculation for Sour Space Candy we have ((0.302 * 0.877)+0+0) = 0.264854%

The Total THC in this Sour Space Candy strain is: 0.24854%

Manufacturers Matter

In an ideal world, CBD joints would include absolutely zero THC whatsoever. However, only our zero THC cbd mints have no thc as well as some of our CBD gummies.

However, in the real world, even the purest CBD products on the planet are going to include at least some THC – and some of these products are going to include more than others.

This is why it’s so important to do business with 100% legitimate and 100% reputable businesses that provide details about the purity of their products, transparent operations you know you can trust.

Product Type Matters, Too

The type of CBD product you are partaking in is going to matter quite a bit as well.

Smoking CBD, for example, makes all of the biochemicals contained within that joint or blunt incredibly bioavailable. Everything in those products are going to be shuttled into your bloodstream via the lungs, inside of about five minutes, which means you start to feel the effects of CBD (and THC) almost instantly.

Edibles, however, are going to have to work their way through the entirety of your digestive system and then through your liver. This is a much slower absorption process which allows for trace levels of THC to be broken down and moved out of the body quite quickly, helping to ensure that already low levels of THC in CBD products are kept out of your bloodstream for the most part.

So how much THC is in a CBD joint on average?

The most concrete answer is not that much.

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