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raspberry lemonade thc gummies

Raspberry Lemonade Gummies 30mg 1:1

strawberry lemonade thc gummies

Strawberry Lemonade Gummies 30mg 1:1

peach lemonade thc gummies

Peach Lemonade Gummies 30mg 1:1

watermelon cbd thc gummies ratio

Watermelon 140mg Anytime Gummies – 25:1 Blend

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Orange 260mg Anytime Gummies – 25:1 Blend

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Sour Apple 260mg Anytime Gummies – 25:1 Blend

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Cherry Night Gummies – 25:2:1 Blend

CBD Mints

peppermint cbd mints

Peppermint CBD Mints 25mg

cinnamon cbd mints

Cinnamon CBD Mints 25mg

orange cbg mints

Orange CBG Mints

cbn mints sleep

Mint Chocolate CBN Mints

Terpene Infused Delta 9 THC Gummies

pineapple express sativa strain d9 gummies

Pineapple Express Strain
Gummies Sativa 12mg

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Blue Dream Strain
Gummies Hybrid 12mg

wedding cake tillmans tranquils

Wedding Cake Gummies Indica 15mg

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Cherry Pie Strain
Gummies Hybrid 12mg

Tillman's Tranquils Delta 8 Mints

cinnamon delta 8 mints

Cinnamon D8 THC Mints 10mg

delta 8 edibles

Lemon Lime D8 THC Candy 10mg

peppermint sin mint d8 mints

Peppermint Delta 8 THC Mints 10mg

delta8 watermelonmints 327x327 1

Watermelon D8 THC Mints 10mg

sharing a pack of mints

microdose on the go

Let’s face it, not all products are created equally. We developed a product that not only tastes great, but gets you the plant extract you want fast & easy.

Frankly, we think it is the best tasting out there.

Our mints are made with All Natural ingredients, Non-GMO, Gluten-Free, and are Vegan certified.

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WHY mints

When a mint dissolves in your mouth it allows the active ingredients to bypass first pass digestion and absorb through the sublingual and buccal pathways.

Taking a mint allows you to find that perfect balance for your body. Not enough? Take another mint.

Anytime, anywhere, whenever you want. No glass bottles, large plastic bottles. A discreet thin pack of mints ready to go whenever you need it.

13 Facts About CBD
two packs of delta 8 mints
watermelon delta 8 mints pour

purveyor of high quality
hemp extract

non-gmo cbd productNON-GMO

gluten free cbd productsGLUTEN FREE

no high fructose corn syrupNO HIGH FRUCTOSE CORN SYRUP

vegan vegetarian productVEGAN SAFE INGREDIENTS

What Are CBD Edibles?

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Tillmans to help them Live Tranquil

5 stars

I love these mints! I usually take one before bed at night to chill – helps me relax!

Beth W.

5 stars

Love the flavor of these mints compared to other THC edibles I’ve had before.


5 stars

I’m a big fan of the flavor. They taste like a real mint and I like the way these make me feel.

Stephanie A.

as seen in

newyorktimes article on cbd
1 cbd mint

tranquil as nature itself

Anytime. Anywhere.

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