What is Live Resin and How Does It Impact My Vapes?

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You’ve probably noticed that a lot of your favorite vaping products nowadays contain something called live resin – a type of extract that makes the inside of that vape cartridge look darker and thicker than what you might be used to.  Live resin isn’t different from other hemp extracts in terms of its chemical compounds, but it’s still favored by a lot of us due to those unique flavors derived from its distinctive manufacturing process.

With live resin taking over the hemp vaping realm, we just gotta take a closer look into the making of this extract, and what it can do for your vaping experience.  Basically, there is a reason why so many vapers refuse to vape anything but live resin these days, as in general, it offers up loads of advantages to your vaping lifestyle.

What is Live Resin?

Live resin is a specific type of full-spectrum hemp extract that’s derived from fresh, flash-frozen hemp flower – not dry-cured flower, as is the more traditional medium.  Basically, dry-curing is a process that’s used for manufacturing cannabis flower – as in, the buds that you buy for smoking, vaping, or cooking/baking with.  Dry-curing is phenomenal for flower, since it preserves the flower buds in order to avoid mold growth, so they can last for a lot longer than fresh buds.  On flip side though, dry-curing inevitably weakens the trichomes on the buds.  Trichomes, for those who don’t know, are resinous crystals that coat the flower, containing the cannabinoids and terpenes that we want when we consume cannabis.

Dry-curing is a process meant for preserving flower, so why do we use it for making extracts then, which already are preserved by the very nature of the extraction process?  Good question, indeed, and the answer is why we have live resin.  Basically, by flash-freezing fresh hemp flower buds, the trichomes on those buds are maintained, and the result is an extract that has a far higher concentration of those very compounds we want from our hemp products.

How is Live Resin Made?

Live resin takes flower buds that are flash-frozen at the time of being picked, and from that point, a standard CO2 extraction is used to get those beneficial hemp compounds separated from the raw plant material.  

It begins with hemp flower buds that are harvested just like they ordinarily are, except they never undergo a curing process.  Instead, at the time of being picked, they’re frozen using dry ice or a cryogenic freezing machine.  From there, chilled CO2 is pushed through the plant material to extract the desirable compounds.  Then, it undergoes a standard distillation process to purify the extract, removing impurities so you end up with a flawless full-spectrum live resin extract.

How Does Live Resin Impact My Vaping Experience?

Like we said, live resin, containing a higher concentration of cannabinoids and terpenes, is darker in color and thicker in consistency, to the point that it’s very noticeable right off the bat.  But, of course, the benefits of going the live resin route aren’t just superficial.  That higher concentration, naturally, means that you’re going to end up with a more potent extract, and that’s good news in all kinds of ways.

What are some Benefits of Live Resin?

Of course, you’re probably wondering at this point, with all the info we have given you so far, if live resin can be beneficial to your vaping experience (or any other delivery method you use for that matter that contains this extract).

Benefit #1: Stronger Effects

Taking in higher concentrations of cannabinoids and terpenes when you vape live resin means that the effects will be stronger.  If you’re all about certain strains, just wait until you try them in live resin form.  A powerful effect that’s unlike anything you’ve vaped before is what can be expected.

Benefit #2: Stronger Flavor and Aroma 

You can also expect a much bolder flavor, as the flavor of each strain comes from its terpenes, and again, live resin maintains a higher level of terpenes than a traditional extract.  The flavor is also more complex, and has a fresher taste, so that means that you’ll taste notes in your favorite strains that you never noticed before.  Of course, this is going to apply to the aroma as well.

Benefit #3: Better Value 

Obviously, all of this equals better value.  With more impact per puff of vapor, you won’t need as much to get the effects that you’re looking for, and that will make your vape last longer, all while vapes made with live resin typically don’t come with a much higher price tag than vapes made with a more standard dry-cured extract.

Another thing that we love about live resin is its enhanced shelf stability.  Using flash-frozen flower instead of dry-cured buds means that the product preserves itself better, and as a result, it’s more chemically stable, so that it won’t lose its potency as easily when exposed to various environments.

Benefit #4: The Effects are for the Most Part Immediate

Because live resin is so potent, the effects are also faster-acting.  The more potent a product, the quicker it absorbs into the body, and as a result, you can enjoy the potential benefits of live resin, as well as the high of intoxicating cannabinoids, typically within just a couple of minutes.

Benefit #5: More of the Entourage Effect

You can expect more of the entourage effect from live resin, which is the benefit of consuming all of the compounds as they naturally occur in the plant, as they work together synergistically to boost one another’s effects.  Live resin is full-spectrum, meaning it contains all of these compounds together in one extract, and the higher potency and reduced degradation of the compounds, through the process of making live resin, gives you more synergistic results.

Are There Any Downsides to Live Resin?

Live resin doesn’t really have any serious drawbacks when it pertains to your vaping experience (or any other delivery method for that matter).  As we mentioned, it improves your flavor, and the effectiveness of the product, while being more shelf-stable, and having better value in terms of purchase.  However, there are some very minor potential cons to be aware of.

Con #1: Higher Risk of Clogging

One thing that can happen with live resin is that it may clog more easily, because it’s thicker in consistency – it’s kind of syrupy, while traditional extracts are more like oils.  This happens more often if your vape is exposed to cold, which causes the consistency of live resin to get even thicker.  So, the good news is that keeping your live resin at room temp means that clogging is far less likely.  And, if a clog does occur, just consider placing your vape in a warmer spot of your home until the consistency does finally loosen up.

Con #2: Slightly More Expensive

Live resin products can be slightly more expensive than their counterparts, but the price difference is usually minimal, and again, you’re getting higher potency out of each serving, so the value is still generally very good.

Con #3: Still a Risk of Contaminants

Live resin doesn’t have a higher risk of containing contaminants than “standard” extracts, but keep in mind that the risk does exist with any product.  That’s why it’s important to always look at the third-party lab reports before buying any hemp product.

Does the Dosage Change When You are Using Live Resin?

Like we pointed out earlier, live resin vapes bring about stronger effects, and that’s a good thing when it comes to the value you get out of one of these products.  But, that doesn’t mean that your whole dosage situation needs to change.  You can go ahead and vape just like you usually do, since even though live resin is more potent, it’s not more potent to the extent that you’ll feel a dramatic difference that brings about a higher potential for side effects.

Is Vaping Live Resin Right For You?

Live resin brings clear advantages to anyone who enjoys vaping cannabinoids and terpenes.  But, does that mean that it’s right for everyone?  The biggest thing that matters in this regard is a person’s tolerance.  Because live resin is more potent, it may be a little too much for someone who’s new to intoxicating cannabinoids like delta 8, THCp, etc.  

However, if you’re someone who wants to get a higher level of effectiveness out of your vapes, and even would appreciate a bolder flavor and aroma at the same time, then live resin is a no-brainer.  You’ll have a hard time finding someone who has a generally good tolerance who doesn’t prefer live resin to traditional types of extracts.

Give the Live Resin Vapes at Tillmans a Try

Live resin has improved vaping our favorite cannabinoids and terpenes, by allowing for stronger effects and flavor, along with a product that’s ultimately fresher.  If you’re ready to compare the difference for yourself, Tillmans Tranquils Disposable Vapes can meet your hemp-based vaping needs.  Our disposables contain a blend of live resin and cannabinoid distillates to provide you with an unforgettably satisfying vape, in a selection of strains that were handpicked with care.  Lab-tested and derived organically, our live resin boasts an astonishing flavor and the powerful effects that you’re seeking out.  Simply put, every puff leaves you feeling totally euphoric beyond your wildest dreams.