What Are Cannabinoid Gummy Blends?

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What are Gummy Blends?

No doubt folks – there really is something amazing that happens when you take two or more cannabinoids together at the same time.  These naturally occurring hemp derivatives have a synergistic relationship with one another, and the result is powerful effects that you can customize to suit your most specific needs.  While you’re free to take different hemp products at the same time to achieve this effect, a lot of companies have made it easier for you by creating their own “gummy blends”, so that a single tasty gummy gives you multiple cannabinoids at one time, balanced to perfection.

What Happens When You Blend Cannabinoids?

The hemp plant possesses over 100 individual cannabinoids, some more prominent in the plant’s chemical composition than others.  Each cannabinoid interacts with the body’s cannabinoid receptors in its own unique way, which is why these compounds all have their own profile of effects, and some are psychoactive while others are not.

Each cannabinoid in the hemp plant can offer all kinds of desirable effects on its own.  But remember that in nature, cannabinoids are intended to be taken together, in the form of the whole flower bud.  So, it’s not surprising that taking multiple cannabinoids at one time gives us a more balanced, well-rounded, and potentially beneficial experience than taking one at a time.

Cannabinoid Blend Gummies

One of the most popular ways to enjoy a cannabinoid blend is in the form of a gummy.  Like we said, many companies have developed their own balanced blends of cannabinoids for consumers to enjoy, without having to worry about ratios, dosages, etc.  And, gummies make it super easy to get the perfect amount of 2 or more cannabinoids at the same time, in a ratio and milligram strength that comes from the brand’s expertise.

Cannabinoid blend gummies are easy to take, as each piece contains an equal milligram strength, and their effects are the longest-lasting as well – around 8 hours, so you can really maximize the reasons you’re taking the product.  Of course, they’re also tasty, and conveniently travel-friendly, so that you can enjoy them anywhere.

Keep in mind that some cannabinoid blends are psychoactive, and others are not.  You’ll want to look closely at what’s on the label, to be sure of whether or not a particular cannabinoid blend will get you high.  Cannabinoids with “THC” in their name are intoxicating, while CBD, CBG, and CBN are not.

Does the Ratio Matter?

Let’s talk ratios for a quick moment.  What we mean is the balance between 2 or more cannabinoids – like a 2:1 CBD to THC ratio, or a 1:1 CBD to CBG ratio.  Just how important is it to pay attention to this aspect while picking out a cannabinoid blend?

In fact, the ratio is super important, especially when there’s a psychoactive cannabinoid in the mix, like delta 9 THC or delta 8 THC.  The ratio of, say, CBD to delta 9, can play a huge role in the nature of the high, since the more CBD to THC, the more relaxing and mellow the high can be.  

Now, with that being said, the milligram strength of each cannabinoid is just as important, since it tells you how much of that cannabinoid you’re getting per dose.  For example, a 1:2 ratio of THC to CBD can mean 2.5mg to 5mg, which is a micro-dose of THC.  Then, a 1:2 ratio can also mean 20mg THC to 40mg CBD, which would get you substantially intoxicated.

Our Favorite Cannabinoid Blends

Tillmans Tranquils offers 7 different gummies with ratio blended cannabinoids in our Perfect Dose line of gummies.  The Perfect Dose Gummies line is perfect for those seeking different blends of CBD, THC, CBG, and other functional ingredients like melatonin for sleep.  Each pack/jar of gummies has a unique flavor profile to it.

Tillmans Tranquils has also made it easy to identify which Perfect Dose Gummies contain THC, and those that have Zero THC.  White Cap has zero THC, while Black Caps include delta 9 THC from hemp derived sources.  Plus, we mark the front label with a THC warning symbol or the Zero THC flag for the appropriate product, making it easy to identify.

So, lets dive into a few blended favorites at Tillmans Tranquils, as afterwards, you should have a better idea of what you can derive from each gummy formula.


CBD and THC are arguably the two most in-demand cannabinoids in cannabis, with CBD being a nonintoxicating cannabinoid, and delta 9 being psychoactive.  Taking CBD with THC mellows the high, so that you can enjoy the euphoric and calming effects without as much of an “edge.”  

Try: Raspberry Lemonade THC Gummies, with a 1:1 ratio of 15mg CBD and 15mg THC.


CBN is a nonintoxicating cannabinoid that’s almost exclusively used in sleep formulas, thanks to its surprising ability to offer a profound sense of tranquility that’s perfect for bedtime.  Pairing it with THC is known to introduce a synergistic effect that boosts CBN’s sleep-related properties, while THC offers a psychoactive effect that can also put your mind and body at ease.

Try: Cherry CBD Sleep Gummies with THC, which have a 4:2:1 ratio of 20mg CBD, 10mg CBN, and 5mg THC.


CBG is a cannabinoid known for providing major relief to the body, while giving the brain a much-needed boost.  Pairing it with CBD offers a synergistic effect that really maximizes the overall effects you can get from both cannabinoids.

Try: Orange 1:1 CBD:CBG Gummies – Anytime (Zero THC), with 25mg CBD and 25mg CBG in every gummy.

These Spectacular Gummy Ratio Blends Can Help You Find Balance in Your Life!

There is absolutely nothing wrong with enjoying cannabinoids all by themselves.  But, something amazing happens when you combine cannabinoids and experience their synergistic effects.  These gummy blends can offer up a totally one-of-a-kind experience that takes your hemp game to the next level.