Is Delta-8 THC Legal In California?

Is Delta-8 THC Legal in California?

Recreational products like Delta-8 THC are becoming a booming industry lately in California. And with the highs of stress and tension amongst young adults, the usage has increased over the years. With the additional benefit of medical benefits, the hemp industry looks very promising.

Although with so many new product launches hitting the market, it gets difficult to keep track of all hemp products. One such concerning area is the formulation and legal status of Delta-8 THC products. Today, let’s find out if Delta-8 THC is legal in California.

What is Delta-8?

There are two most popular recreational products, cannabinoids (CBD), a hemp-derivative, and THC, a derivative from Cannabis. Both substances contain a psychoactive compound that renders its ability to give a “high” feeling to humans on its consumption.

Another cannabinoid that has the same potential but on a milder note is the hemp-derived Delta-8 THC. It is a cousin to THC (marijuana), and the after-effects on intake are similar to THC, only milder in effect.

Delta-8 THC also exhibits medical benefits to humans because of its potent properties. Hence it is much sought after.

Is delta-8 legal in California?

The Californian State Law has legalized the use, selling, and purchase of Delta-8 THC and its other variants.

Delta-8 THC adoption of legalization has a lot to do with the Federal laws. Under the The Farm Bill (2018), hemp-derived products do not come under controlled substances.

Although, the legalization of Delta-8 THC on the Federal Law level sometimes overlaps with the respective state laws rendering Delta-8 THC is illegal.

However, Delta-8 THC and its variants are all legal at both the Federal and State level.

The legislation on delta-8 in California

Here are the highlights of the Californian Industrial Hemp Law regarding the legalization of Delta-8 THC in California –

  • It is legal to grow Hemp (Cannabis sativa L.) in California. It can be cultivated and harvested to extract resins, acids, cannabinoids, isomers, plant/root/seed/stem extracts, salts, salt of isomers from the hemp plant.
  • In these extracts, the legally permissible concentration of Delta 9 THC is less than 0.3 % (dry weight).
  • The manufacture of Delta 8 THC should strictly use legally reared or legally procured CBD.

Is recreational and medical marijuana legal in California?

The State of California has legalized the use of both recreational and medical marijuana.

Here are the crucial factors in the legalization of marijuana in California-

  • The use of medical marijuana in California has been legal since the early part of 1996. Implementation of this law made California amongst the first states to legalize medical marijuana.
  • The use of recreational marijuana was made legal only in 2016.
  • In 2018, California legalized buying and using medical marijuana by anyone above 18, using a County-issued medical marijuana identification card.
  • If you are above the age of 21, you have the legal freedom to grow, use, buy and possess marijuana/pot/weed in California. A total of 28.5 grams (plant form), while up to 8 grams (concentrated form) of marijuana is legal for possession.

Buying delta-8 THC in California

Since all forms of THC and CBD are legal in California, finding and purchasing one for use or sale is not a difficult task.

With easy accessibility and the legalization of delta 8 THC, there are several variants and products to try out for both beginners and seasoned users.

Some of the most popular Delta-8 THC products are – vapes, capsules, flowers, tinctures, and gummies.

Can you travel to California with delta-8?

The answer is a simple “Yes.”

Either you are a Californian or a tourist, it is legal to travel to California with Delta-8 and its variants products in your possession.

In California, you can even travel with possession and intake of marijuana within the legally permissible limit.

Where to Buy Delta-8 in California

The options to purchase Delta-8 THC in California are plenty.

You can find them at the local stores, dispensaries, and vape shops.

You can also purchase from the official websites of the brands directly or through online shopping sites.

Although, online manufacturers and distributors of Delta-8 THC strictly adhering to the legal laws of Delta-8 THC. Online purchases make a safer option, with the guarantee of high-grade products when opting for reputed brands.

In addition, the other benefit of shopping for Delta-8 THC products through online portals is the real-time reviews from other users.

Is there any upcoming legislation in California that could change delta-8’s legality?

As of now, Delta-8 THC is legal. However, regulatory rules for Delta-8 THC similar to recreational Cannabis are likely to occur.

California legislative outline for industrial hemp products states the similarity between Delta-8 THC and THC isomers. It could be an indication of a change in future laws. That is, Delta-8 THC and its other variants being available only in legal and authorized cannabis stores.

The future for delta-8 THC in California

While Federal law may have legalized both marijuana and Delta 8THC products, the state-level federation seems a little skeptical of the law surrounding Delta-8 THC.

The State’s efforts are underway into bringing in new laws to govern the regulations of Delta 8 THC similar to that of recreational and medical marijuana products.

We cannot say much about what the outcome will be in the coming days. Delta 8 THC fanatics ought to keep a close watch on the law updates.



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