CBD Mints

CBD Mints

We manufacture high quality, hand crafted hand made CBD mints. They are the most convenient way to top up your CBD levels throughout the day. Frankly we think it is the best tasting CBD edible out there.

Our CBD mints are:

Made with All Natural ingredients, Non-GMO ingredients, Gluten-Free ingredients, and are Vegan certified.

How Do We Add CBD To Our Mints?

We infuse our cbd mints with CBD oil to give a great tasting way to consume CBD. Typically CBD oil does not have an appetizing taste. So we focused on created a great tasting way to consume CBD oil and we believe we have one of the best tasting CBD edibles out there. There are additional benefits to the sublingual transfer of CBD and you can learn more about that here. Currently we offer our CBD mints in two flavors, cinnamon and peppermint. For our full spectrum CBD mints, they contain 10 mints per pack with 10mg of CBD per mint. Each pack contains 100mg of CBD. Our 5mg CBD Isolate mints have 20 mints per pack and also total 100mg of CBD per pack.

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