Blueberry Gelato Hemp Flower

Blueberry Gelato Hemp Strain

Blueberry gelato is a raw flower product that is hand trimmed, weighed, and is bagged on demand. It is not pre-bagged. After your berry gelato flower is weighed, it is then bagged and heat sealed to preserve freshness. Blueberry gelato also known as berry gelato or blue gelato so sometimes people will be looking for either of these strains that go by slightly different names.

What’s Inside?

Hemp Strain Info: Indica Dominant
Taste: Mild
Aroma: Immediate blueberry notes can be noticed as well as earthy notes.
Total cannabinoids in the Blueberry Gelato CBD flower: 19.80%
Looks: Hand trimmed large hemp buds with some purple clusters scattered throughout.
Feels: Full body mellowness

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