What are CBD Mints?

The CBD hype is real, and there are so many CBD products to choose from. This can make it confusing, as many products make unrealistic claims. One new CBD based product that has become very popular is CBD mints.

In this article, we will explain what they are and whether they can benefit you. You can then make an informed decision as to whether CBD mints are right for you.

What are Tillmans Tranquils?

There are many supplements and dosages for CBD that it can be very confusing to know which product is which. The vast majority of CBD based products are marketed as capsules, tinctures and other various medicinal styles. CBD mints are different from the vast majority of CBD offerings because they provide an alternative way to intake hemp cannabinoids in a discrete, easy on-the-go way to microdose with a great tasting edible.

what cbd mints look likeEssentially, you get a nice tasting breath mint with the added bonus of CBD cannabinoid compounds. One major advantage of mints over conventional medicinal items is that they are far more discreet. It is very hard to notice a pack of mints, as they are indistinguishable from regular mints. More importantly, they are considerably more discreet that using a dropper with CBD oil.

Serving Size

As far as dosage goes, individual needs may vary. However, you can take as many mints as you need. The advantage of mints is that they have a lower quantity of CBD (5mg each) which makes them ideal for beginners. Additionally, they are also excellent for more experienced users who need a convenient ‘top’ up of cannabinoids throughout the day.

CBD Mints Utilize Sublingual Absorption

When a chemical comes in contact with the mucous membrane beneath the tongue, it is absorbed. Because the connective tissue beneath the epithelium contains a plethora of capillaries, the substance then diffuses into them and enters the circulatory system. In contrast, substances absorbed in the intestines are subject to first-pass metabolism in the liver before entering the general circulation.

All edibles that go through this method are then processed via the liver. Once processed by the liver the 9-thc molecule known as delta 9 (a part of every CBD Hemp/Cannabis plant) gets converted to 11-hydroxy and then is sent back up to the brain. Edibles take longer to process and work due to the process of digestion. This is also why sometimes edibles cause undesirable effects such as long term zoning out.

The sublingual process goes right to the bloodstream via the pathways underneath your tongue. The salivary glands in your mouth help spread CBD infused saliva to all parts of sublingual glands – once again, bypassing the digestive tract.

When Tillmans Tranquils CBD mints are kept in the mouth, the CBD compounds are absorbed through the sublingual pathways. Although we can’t blame you if you want to eat them also as they are very tasty.

CBD Mints Make It Easy to Measure the Amount of CBD You Are Getting

An obvious advantage of CBD mints is that they freshen your breath, just like ordinary mints. Another clear benefit of CBD mints is that they have a lower dosage than most other singular CBD supplements. This means that you can accurately measure your dose throughout the day, and it allows you to easily modify the dose with better precision. Additionally, they also work fantastically well as a supplement to a regular CBD regimen. Regular users of CBDs may require a top-up throughout the day. It can be inconvenient to carry capsules or other CBD products. However, mints can fit in your pocket and be taken whenever required and they taste great. This makes them excellent for supplementing the dosage of CBD throughout the day. It means that they are flexible for all lifestyles.

Are CBD Mints Suitable for Me?

enjoying cbd mints
CBD mints are a good option for both experienced and novice users of CBD products. If you like the taste of mints, then you are going to like Tillmans Tranquils mints. Ideally, they are best used as a top-up option for those who already have a regular CBD routine. However, they are also suitable for new users who want to start off with a low dose. They can gradually increase this dose to get the best effect – just consume more mints. It is also perfect for sensitive responders who may get side effects from high doses. The discreet way of taking CBD mints also makes them advantageous to professionals who may not want others to know which substances they are taking. CBD mints can be taken at any time and place without anyone being aware of what is inside them. The dose can be a tricky thing to perfect, but mints offer a chance to properly find your ideal dosage. The small increments are fantastic for figuring out a dosage that works. Of course, CBD mints are less useful for those who require a high amount of CBD. In general, they are suited for those who want to supplement or for who wish to microdose their CBD regimen.

Will CBD Mints Help With Sleep?

Well we know CBD is being used for sleep related ailments, you can find numerous individual stories on Reddit and elsewhere online, however, no officially accepted studies have been done yet. Our CBD mints encapsulate CBD oil which is what everyone is talking about. However, CBD oil does not have a great taste in its natural form. This is where the CBD mints comes into play. It adds a tasty way to ingest the active ingredient in a pleasant breath freshening mint. For more on how CBD affects sleep read this article.

Advantages of Microdosing CBD

Not everyone will need a high dose of CBD to feel the full effects. Everyone has different goals and different body chemistry. Therefore, microdosing can be a perfect solution for some people. Many have found benefits from taking small doses of CBD which are available in mints. Other products tend to have CBD content which is too high to microdose. Mints are great for those wanting to see if microdosing will fit in with their goals.

CBD Mints Give You a 2 for 1

CBD mints provide BOTH fresh breath and the access to Full Spectrum cannabinoids. Which makes them one of the smartest ways to conveniently and discreetly consume CBD everyday.

A Great Option – Two Flavors

4 Pack – 2 Flavors of CBD Mints to Try