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Indoor grown Biscotti CBG Hemp flower is high in CBGa cannibinoids. CBG is a good choice for customers who require all the effects CBG provides, but need to the least amount of THC, such as having a job that regularly drug tests. CBG is an isolated cannabinoid that contains 0% THC. CBG is completely 100% NON-Psychoactive. CBG is the mother of all Cannabinoids known as Cannabigerol.

All other CBD products contain less than 0.3% THC, but CBG flower will have absolutely zero THC.

The aroma of CBG flower is not like other traditional hemp or marijuana aromas. The aroma of CBG is more like a tea or hops.

Current Research Studies of CBG Flower

Hemp Flower FAQ

Yes it is. We only source hemp flower from registered hemp farms in the USA that abide by their State and Federal laws.
The Hemp plant and Marijuana plant are very closely related. Smells and tastes are similar, except Hemp plants have lower THC content and higher CBD content while the Marijuana plant has higher THC content and lower CBD content.


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Why Raw Hemp Flower?

Maintain focus without the high.

Reduce the doldrums.

A tobacco alternative.

How Much CBD Flower Do I Order?

Our guide to CBD flower by weight.

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