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Delta 8 THC Flower

We take naturally grown high quality CBD flower and infuse it with Delta 8 THC.

Delta 8 THC Flower Questions

Delta 8 flower is simply natural hemp flower infused with delta 8 thc distillate. Typically in marijuana plants delta 9 has relatively high amounts of the cannibinoid, however, hemp plants are naturally is low in THC, this allows growers to use hemp flower as a base flower component. Then they add back in delta 8, which has been created by excess hemp product and then added to the hemp flower, creating a THC flower that is currently legal in many states. Some states do not allow Delta 8 of any kind. Delta 8 is considered less potent and having less of a psychoactive effect than delta 9. Some reviews will say it is less "heady" and more "boddy" feels. The delta 8 distillate is extracted using Ethanol & CO2 and turned into a powder that the flower is rolled in, creating an infusion of both CBD and Delta 8. So when you read the lab report of Delta 8 THC flower it will always have a ratio of CBD to THC.
Yes Delta 8 THC will trigger a positive on a drug test. It is a THC molecule. So if you consume our delta 8 mints, or delta 8 flower, and take a drug test for work, you will be considered positive. Delta 8 may require a few weeks to dissipate out of your system.
Yes to most states we can ship our Delta 8 THC flower to you. However, at the bottom of every delta 8 product page, you will see which states do not allow us to ship delta 8 products and will not let you check out with those products. Delta 8 products do not ship to Alaska, Arizona, Arkansas, Colorado, Delaware, Idaho, Iowa, Mississippi, Montana, Nebraska, Rhode Island, South Dakota, Utah
CBD Hemp flower is grown across the country in a variety of hemp strains. Every delta 8 flower option is a CBD hemp flower that has Delta 8 THC distillate added to it for a higher THC potency than what it had on its own.
Yes there is definitely a chance you will feel psychoactive effects from delta 8. This most likely is correlated based upon the consumer's tolerance to cannabinoids.
The easiest way is to purchase a pre-rolled cone of delta 8 flower and all you need is a lighter. If you buy raw delta 8 flower like this, then you would need to break it up yourself, or place in a water pipe or other device to consume.
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