Is Delta-8 THC Legal In Alabama?

Is Delta-8 THC Legal in Alabama?

Cannabis and related product fanatics are well aware of the recreational and medical benefits of these products. And, new variants, formulations, and intake channels are introduced in the market rapidly. While at the same time, there are continuous conflicts and confusion regarding their laws and regulations.

The confusion added up after a recent proposal to ban Delta 8 and Delta 10 THC was underway. Did it pass? What is the legal status of Delta 8 THC in Alabama? Read to find all about the legalization of Delta-8 THC in Alabama and more.

What is Delta-8?

Delta-8 THC is nothing but a Cannabis Sativa L plant derivative compound with a psychoactive compound in it. It is similar in structure and effect to that of Delta 9 THC (marijuana).

Although, Delta 9 THC is extracted from the hemp variety of Cannabis Sativa L plant and is a little milder in effect than Delta 9 THC.

Besides its recreational uses, Delta 8 THC finds its use for potential medical benefits. Delta 8 THC is known to bring in a milder “high” as that of marijuana, relaxation, and euphoric feeling and is a potent inflammation and pain reliever.

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Is delta-8 legal in Alabama?

Yes, Delta 8 THC is legal in Alabama.

All thanks to the The Farm Bill (2018) amendment, all hemp-derived products and hemp as a whole are now legal. It, therefore, includes Delta 8 THC and Delta 10 THC.

Do note that Delta 9 THC, which is not a hemp derivative, but a marijuana derivative isn’t legal in Alabama.

Key points –

  • All hemp-derived products must contain a THC content of no more than 0.3 % of Delta 9 THC (dry weight) for it to be legal.
  • It is legal to sell, purchase, own/possess, cultivate, manufacture, distribute and use Delta 8 THC in Alabama.

The legislation on delta-8 in Alabama

By nature of the Federal Law, hemp doesn’t come under controlled substances. Hence, hemp and all hemp derivatives are legal in Alabama.

There is one key reason for the legalization of Delta 8 THC. By natural extraction, either from hemp or marijuana, the concentration of THC is generally less.

There are several loopholes present during the preparation of Delta 8 THC. Through an advanced process, the conversion of Cannabidiol (CBD) into Delta 8 THC is possible.

The future of Delta 8 THC in Alabama looked bleak in early 2021 with this proposal. The Senate Judiciary Committee of Alabama added Delta 8 THC and Delta 10 THC under the State’s list of controlled substances in House Bill 2.

However, the House Health Committee of Alabama rejected it, and the amendment was removed from the Alabama House Bill 2, passed in April 2021.

Is recreational and medical marijuana legal in Alabama?

Alabama is amongst the most conservative US states. Quite so, it had to do with its stringent laws against controlled substances like marijuana.

While medical marijuana is legal under intensive regulations, recreational marijuana is strictly illegal.

Medical marijuana is also only applicable for qualified medical conditions listed out by the Alabama Medical Marijuana Law. Possession of marijuana for registered patients is about 50 milligrams per person, for a capped period of 70 daily doses.

As for recreational marijuana, any person caught with any amount of marijuana could lead to severe consequences. Offenders could land up to 20 years of serving in prison, including a fine starting from $6000 up to $30000.

Buying guide for Delta-8 THC and where to buy in Alabama

Since Delta 8 THC is legal in Alabama, finding its products isn’t much of a hassle.

You can find them at any gas stations, vape stores, convenience, and tobacco stores. There are a lot of online platforms and direct brand websites that deliver the Delta 8 THC products to your home directly.

However, it is best to purchase one from licensed physical and online stores. It ensures better adherence to the Delta 8 THC laws and quality assurance.

What type of delta-8 is legal in Alabama? 

All variants and types of Delta-8 THC are legal and permitted in Alabama.

The only serving condition is that there should be adherence to the permissible limit of less than 0.3% content of Delta 9 THC in its products.

Can you travel to Alabama with delta-8?

Yes, it is safe to travel in Alabama with possession of the legalized Delta-8 THC along with you.

Is there any upcoming legislation in Alabama that could change the legality of delta-8?

The most recent change in the amendment of a state bill was on April 2021. There was a proposal to enlist Delta 8 THC as a controlled substance and to implement regulatory laws similar to Delta 9 THC (marijuana) products. However, with the rejection of the proposal, Delta 8 THC is legalized in Alabama.

There is no news about any upcoming changes in the legislation of Delta 8 THC in Alabama for now.

The future for delta-8 THC in Alabama

As of now, the Alabama state citizens are enjoying the benefits of the recreational and medical intake of Delta 8 THC. We cannot guarantee how long this legalization will last. The State Lawmakers are working effortlessly to enlist Delta 8 THC with stricter regulations, similar to Delta 9 THC products.

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