Is Delta 8 Legal In Tennessee?

Is Delta 8 Legal In Tennessee?

If you’re a regular newsreader, I’m sure you must have often come across the term Delta 8 of late. The craze surrounding its usage and popularity is rightly anticipated to increase manifold in the coming years.

What’s important to understand at the outset is that Delta 8, simply put, is not marijuana. It’s legal in most states because of that.

And that’s the reason why it’s popping up everywhere. Without age restrictions, you’d find it for sale across dispensaries, gas stations and convenience stores.

Like said before, it’s legally available in most states except for a few. But if you’re a resident of Tennessee and wondering whether or not it’s legal there, we suggest you continue reading.

Delta 8

If Delta 8 and marijuana are not the same things, then what is it?

Well, the cannabis (marijuana) plant contains hundreds of cannabinoids, of which Delta 8 is one. However, its presence is only meager. On the other hand, Delta 9 THC (tetrahydrocannabinol), another compound found, is the most prominent one among them all.

Delta 8 is also present in the Hemp plant, a variety of cannabis, and is mostly derived from it. As Delta 9 matures, it gets converted into Delta 8.

This process endows the new compound with new properties. That means Delta 8 is altogether a unique compound that comes from Delta 9.

These two compounds are similar in so far as they both bind to the body’s endocannabinoid system, producing strong effects on consumption. But due to slight differences in their chain of carbon atoms, the resulting experience ends up being different too.

Typically, Delta 8 is famously known for being less potent. In comparison to the regular Delta 9, it’s known for inducing psychoactive qualities but at a milder level.

In fact, users of Delta 8 reportedly experienced a kind of high that is more calming and relaxing. The common feelings of paranoia symptomatic to users of Delta 9 are absent in it.

This is the reason why its usage has soared in recent years, preferred by those who seek a relatively subtle intoxicating experience.

The legalities of Delta 8 In Tennessee?

Because it is Hemp-derived, Delta 8 is not labeled as a Schedule 1 Drug. And unlike marijuana, it’s legal and readily available across most states, including Tennessee.

Delta 8 is legal because Congress had in 2018 passed the Farm Bills, which legalized the entire Hemp plant save for the Delta 9. The Bill lifted the designation of a controlled substance over Hemp and its derivatives except for the latter. According to the passed Bill, plant compounds will only be deemed legal if their concentration of Delta 9 on a dry-weight basis is less than 0.3%.

  • Legislations

Following the enactment of the Farm Bill, Tennessee passed Senate Bill 354. The Bill had the effect of removing Hemp from the ambit of marijuana and deregulated all Hemp-derived cannabinoids from that state’s jurisdiction.

So, under current Tennessee law, marijuana is illegal cannabis containing on a dry-weight basis more than 0.3% of Delta 9. Hemp, on the contrary, is now understood as legal cannabis containing less than 0.3% of the same compound.

Thus, Delta 8 and other compounds derived from Hemp plants are legal in Tennessee.

Besides, there is no limitation on the amount of Delta 8 a product can contain. As long as the compound is Hemp-derived, the product remains beyond the jurisdiction of the state.

Where To Buy Delta 8 In Tennessee? 

Buying Delta 8 in Tennessee is easy and legal.

There are many CBD (Cannabidiol) dispensaries around areas like Knoxville and Cookeville. You can buy it in the form of vape cartridges, tinctures and gummies.

But we also understand that not everyone in Tennessee has easy access to physical dispensaries. What do you do then?

Buy online, of course! Yes, you heard that right! Because Delta 8 is legal throughout the state, you can conveniently buy them online as well.

As the usage and popularity of Delta 8 are increasing, there are equally many online retailers and companies selling them. In light of this fact, it becomes important to know which ones are legitimate and which ones are not.

Considering the Hemp’s industry lack of jurisdiction oversight, the onus falls on the user to protect themselves from counterfeit products. It’s only fair that you get your product from authorized and licensed retailers.

Closing Thoughts

Interestingly, you must also know that Delta 8 products are not evaluated and approved by the FDA for safe use. This brings into context some concerns such as product variability in terms of formulations and labeling.

Concerns are also raised regarding the sale of some Delta 8 products labeled as having “medicinal use.” The distribution of such products without having legitimate FDA approval is a federal crime.

Suffice to say, approach only those vendors and retailers who would provide certification of testing.

No matter where you buy your product from, online or offline, we recommend you keep receipts and certificates of analysis with you. These documents will help verify the legality and authenticity of your Delta 8 products.

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