Is Smokable Hemp Flower Legal in North Carolina?

With the passing of the 2018 US Farm Bill, hemp was given legal status in the US and is not considered a controlled substance anymore. Hemp and its legality have become a hot discussion among people living in various states in the US. While growing and selling hemp-derived products isn’t exactly illegal in the country, in what position do smokable hemp flowers stand in North Carolina? Let’s find out.

Let’s be honest; North Carolina isn’t one of the most relaxed states when it comes to recreational marijuana use. So, you should be wary when you buy smokable hemp flowers. Before the passing of the 2018 US Farm Act, the state had adopted a similar bill in 2014, like the 2014 US Farm Act called the Industrial Hemp Pilot Program. This program helped researchers as well as farmers to get access and facilitate industrial hemp production, giving a rise in the popularity of hemp-based CBD products.

North Carolina has also passed a law that the use and hoarding of hemp flowers should be deemed illegal as of June 2020. Fast forward to 2021, the law didn’t change much about hemp, and it continues to remain legal in all forms, even hemp flowers that can be smoked. However, the decision is not final, and the legality of smokable hemp flowers in North Carolina still sits astride on a fence between a yes and a no. So it would be best to be on guard while buying hemp flowers in the state.


CBD Hemp Products

Although the state has imposed strict restrictions on both recreational and medical marijuana use, the rising trend of CBD hemp products has softened the limitations. And why wouldn’t it? After all, hemp makes wonderful CBD oil and products without giving users the psychoactive effect of THC that marijuana does. North Carolina deems hemp products legal as long as they contain only a trace amount of THC, with the legal amount being 0.3% THC. So buying hemp-based products shouldn’t land you in a situation with the law if they contain 0.3% THC or less.


But there is a catch. According to the North Carolina law, smokable hemp isn’t regarded as a product of hemp. The state allows various forms of hemp-derived products, but smokable hemp flowers are an exception, although they come from hemp that contains only trace amounts of THC. The biggest issue with smoking hemp flowers in public is their resemblance to marijuana. Although they are different species of cannabis, the visual appearance of a hemp flower and a marijuana bud is quite identical. The law enforcement agencies would have a hard time differentiating between a hemp flower and a marijuana flower. So, if the law catches you while you are out smoking hemp flowers, you might get charged with marijuana laws.


Where can I buy CBD Hemp Flower in North Carolina?

There are several hemp stores across North Carolina that sell hemp-derived products. There are chances that you might find CBD Hemp Flower in a traditional smoke shop or CBD store. A better alternative would be to buy online from us and find the best strains containing less than 0.3% THC. This way, you don’t have to face the guilt of what would feel like smuggling hemp flowers when you buy from a local hemp shop.


Can you legally buy CBD Hemp Flower in North Carolina?

You can legally buy CBD Hemp Flower in North Carolina from someone who is selling it. But buying CBD Hemp Flower from a local hemp store is a little tricky. Given that both hemp flowers and marijuana flowers look identical, buying them openly could result in a criminal offense. So, the best way to safely buy them is by getting them online from us. We ensure high-quality products with a convenient shopping experience.


Can you legally smoke CBD Hemp Flower in North Carolina?

The state has not imposed strict restrictions on CBD products. You can legally use most forms of CBD hemp. However, if you are planning to have smokable CBD hemp flowers in North Carolina, it is best that you don’t smoke them in public. Because of the similar appearances of hemp flowers and marijuana flowers, you might be mistaken for smoking marijuana and could get charged for the use of illegal marijuana.