How Long Does it Take For CBD Oil to Take Effect?

Methods of CBD Ingestion Play a Role

If you are new to CBD oil and you are taking it for a specific reason, such as a chronic condition that results in pain or discomfort of some sort, you will likely wonder how long it should be before you start to feel the effect of the oil. This is a great question and it has multiple answers. Let’s start with the ways in which you can take CBD (cannabidiol).

  • Sublingual – This refers to administration of drops under the tongue for absorption into the blood supply via the many capillaries that are underneath the tongue. By absorbing into the body in this fashion, the digestion system is bypassed.
  • Orally without food – Taken on an empty stomach, before consuming anything for the day.
  • Orally with food – Taken just before or just after a meal.
  • Inhalation – Using vape pen or other equipment to vaporize something and breathing it directly into the lungs, where it is absorbed directly into the blood supply.
  • Topically – applying directly to an area of the skin, where the product is absorbed through the skin.

Let’s break down the way in which all these methods work, because they are all different and they all include variations of application. Going through each of them, you will understand clearly what your choices are and the expectations for each method.

The sublingual method of cannabidiol use is the most straight-forward method and is likely the most common. Using the dropper that is included with a bottle of CBD oil or tincture, you simply drop the oil under your tongue and count to 10, then swallow. Giving the oil ten seconds to absorb into the area under your tongue is long enough and this should ensure that you’ll begin feeling the effects of the oil within approximately ten to fifteen minutes.

Taken orally, without food, your rate of absorption isn’t slowed down greatly. Some people may find that this method causes them a bit of diarrhea, especially if they are new to CBD use or if they are taking a lot at one time. If you can tolerate this method, without any side-effects, you can expect to enjoy the relief of your dose within approximately twenty minutes to half an hour. It largely depends upon your own metabolism, so it varies from person to person. The average person will feel the effects in about twenty minutes though.

Taken with food, the oil will be absorbed more slowly because the food must be broken down and metabolized by the body. Depending on what you eat with it and how your own digestive system is working, this method could potentially take as long as two hours to influence you and your pain. As a daily supplement, this is fine. If you are suffering from pain or an anxiety attack, this will not be the method that you will find to make sense.

Inhalation methods for dosing are very quickly absorbed and in the blood supply within five to ten minutes. For those who are using the product to relieve symptoms of anxiety, panic attacks, or post-traumatic stress, this is the fastest and most convenient way to begin the effects. Vaping pens that are used with vaping oils can be used with specifically made CBD oil. This enables the user to take their oil as needed, wherever they are. Since vaping is such a popular craze right now, no one will even realize what you are doing, which means you have a sense of privacy too.

Topical methods of using your oil for treatment of skin conditions, such as psoriasis, give you the ability to treat the area immediately and not have to metabolize the oil at all. Using cannabinoids on the skin can give your skin a soft glow, encourage healthy cells to grow, act as an anti-inflammatory that can be absorbed directly into joints where pain exists, or even used in shampoos to alleviate dry scalp and similar issues. Absorption into deep joints can take hours, however. Topically, the effects begin happening immediately.

Whichever method you choose, you have various choices in them as well. Orally, there are pills available and edibles that are made with cannabinoid already in them. For those who don’t like the flavor of hemp products in general, this is a great alternative.

Types of Products for Each Method

CBD products are made for use in topical applications, such as shampoo, conditioners, skin creams, soaps, bath soaks, edibles (mints) and much more. In fact, more products are developed so quickly that new ones are being introduced daily. Coffee infused with CBD is exceedingly popular now, for example. Liquids do metabolize faster than solids, so this is a great option for many people who are always going to have their cup of coffee in the morning. That means you’ll never forget to take your dose for pain or as a supplement.

Another possible product that you may be interested in trying is hemp seeds, called hemp hearts. They can be added to soups and salads, much like pine nuts. They are the meaty part of the inside of the hemp seed and are a cannabinoid. Rich in omega oils and remarkably high in protein, these are a fabulous supplement to your diet that can be added to shakes, meals, or enjoyed alone.

So many options exist now, for using cannabinoids, that there is no reason not to try them. Anyone can gain benefits from these products and enjoy an enhanced mood, less effects of stress and anxiety, and live freer of pain. Cannabidiol is a product that is safe, non-addictive, and very natural. It can be used by vegans. It is safe for children, with adult supervision. It is safe for pets and helps with their pain and their separation anxiety, just to mention a few possibilities.